photo by katelyn

myra kathiria rosa (mr.) is a new york city-based scholar and autodidactic multimedia artist from the south bronx. she engages in transdisciplinary research and social justice activism, encompassing writing, photography, painting, and filmmaking. her proficiency in autoethnographic storytelling emerged in 2020 during a prestigious two-year fellowship with the mellon foundation. her meditative praxis delves into existentialism and the intricacies of the black radical imagination. she has self-published a bilingual collection of poetic musings, interrogating her connection to the universe. her artistic offerings comprise an intentionally curated collection that embodies her life experiences and creative process. her work examines the role of love in fostering a safer world. currently, she is in pre-production for her inaugural short avant-garde film, pura sangre, a component of her master of arts in interdisciplinary studies from new york university.